Country Mushrooms

South Africa



Maasland Champignons

Recently we started up a complete new mushroom farm for Maasland Champignons in Holland


Project in progress

The project in Qatar in progress

Deckers Germany

One of the biggest growers decided to build a new facility from scratch near the market of Frankfurt. Christiaens was given the order to build 22 growing rooms of 820m2 completely turnkey. The project was split into 2 phase to be able to have mushrooms before Christmas and to start-up the project in 2 steps. The first stage was 14 rooms. In November 2014 the first rooms were filled. The second stage of 8 growing rooms will be ready in the summer of 2015.

Sumas Substrate

Recently the tunnel facility of Sumas Substrate is expanded with 4 Phase 2/3 tunnels. Currently an existing Phase 1 yard will be renovated. It will be turned into a complete indoor facility with all needed requirements for air treatment.

4 Season King

4 Season King is a company located in Abbotsford which is close to Vancouver. This project is a turn-key project with 12 growing rooms of each 856m2.

Christiaens was responsible for the design and construction of this facility.

Loveday mushrooms

Loveday mushrooms is located in Winnipeg Canada and is one of the most coldest areas where you can find mushroom production. Temperatures in the winter time go regularly below minus 40 degrees Celsius. In order of Loveday Christiaens build a 7 Phase 2/3 tunnel facility to serve the growing facility with Phase 3 compost.

Piccioni Mushrooms

The last expansion of Piccioni Mushrooms was building 6 growing rooms of 400m2. The focus of Piccioni is growing the best quality of mushrooms. Therefore a lot of focus was laid on the design of the climatisation. We are proud that Christiaens was chosen to do this expansion.

Eurochamp, Hungary

Eurochamp is a company of the Biofungi Group. The farm consists of 6 growing rooms of 562m2 growing area. The focus on this project was to design a farm with good harvesting efficiencies , best air quality and distribution possible and energy savings. All in close cooperation with Biofungi/Eurochamp. The results are there.

Willems BV champignonkwekerij B.V.

Due to the limited opportunities for expansion on the existing site and with a view to establishing uniform growing rooms, Willems BV decided to extend the oldest of the existing rooms and to replace the shelving systems with identical ones to those in the most recently constructed rooms.

White Fields Immobilien GmbH

Following intensive preparation 2009 saw the construction of a new
mushroom farm according to a completely new concept. The five owners had decided to set up a farm applying new techniques and innovations used for growing and harvesting.

Walkro Maasmechelen

Walkro Maasmechelen planned on expanding the capacity and this was also a good opportunity to build a state of the art facility with all kind of improvements on environmental side.

Walkro Blitterswijck B.V.

At the end of 2012 Walkro decided to upgrade the machines at their 2
compost facilities in the Netherlands.Because Walkro is one of the biggest compost producers in the world and therefore they use the machines a lot of hours per week.

Vogelzangs Champignons

In order to expand its production operations, the company opted to build a new farm, the aim of which was to achieve efficiency benefits through economy of scale. Four growing units were built during the first phase, each of which comprised 1728m2 production area.


Ukrchampignon is a subdivision of the Veres Group of companies and are located in the Kanev, Cherkassy Area, in the heart of the Ukraïne.The company produces 1000 Tonnes of phase 2 compost, 250 tonnes of casing soil mix and 300 tonnes of fresh mushrooms per week.

Tunnel Tech North

Following a difficult period the mushroom industry in the UK, helped by the low sterling/euro exchange rate, is starting to recover. In order to meet the new demand Tunnel Tech North has recently completed a major renovation of the entire installation

Trademark Farms Ltd

Trademark is the new company of the Champs Group. Christiaens Group was given the order for a turnkey project in 2009. The project involved 12 growing rooms each with a surface area of 756m2.

Snow Cap Mushrooms

Snow Cap Mushrooms is situated about 40 Km west of Durban, South Africa. Christiaens designed a tailored compost yard and pasteurisation tunnel and after a total building time of just 7 months the facility was put in production in February 2007.


Due to a rising demand and the fact that the existing installation was becoming outdated, Sikes decided to refurbish one of its existing farms, whilst at the same time increasing its production area by installing shelf systems with wider beds

Plemennoy zavod Prinevskoe

Prinevskoe placed an order with Christiaens for the supply of the entire technical installation and the complete interior of the growing farm, including the panels.

Warwick Mushroom Farms LLC

Warwick is a facility of Philips Mushrooms in Maryland, USA. In 2008 they build 25 growing rooms of 906m2 (See also Bulletin nr. 10). After a successful period with good and efficient productions they decided to expand the facility once more.

Parwan mushrooms

In April 2012 we started up a new mushroom facility for Parwan mushrooms. The investors came originally not out of the mushroom industry and explored the potential supplier who could be their best partner for building this project.

Limgroup BV

Limgroup BV is a consortium of agricultural research companies which is specialised in the breeding of new plant and mushroom varieties. It’s daughter company Mycolim, established in 2009, focusses on the improvement of the commercial growth of mushrooms and the development of new button mushroom varieties.


Mycelco is the name of the new tunnel complex owned by the Champs Group in Canada, a group of growers that jointly market their mushrooms and produce compost.

Mushroom Exchange

Mushroom Exchange is part of Costa Exchange. Costa Exchange is one of
Australia’s largest growers, packers and distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Mountain View

Mountain View is a mushroom farm in British Columbia which produced and filled phase 1 compost for their growing rooms

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc

Monterey Mushrooms is one of the largest producers of mushrooms in the world. An international, multi-facility company, with 10 mushroom growing farms strategically located throughout America

Moni Champignon Kwekerij BVBA

Moni is part of Elesco. Elesco is a processing company for fresh sliced products like lettuce and mushrooms. For this company they produce partly their own mushrooms in the farm named Moni.


In the East of Ukraine the company Miko-Food is established near by the city Donetsk. Miko-Food is growing very rapidly and expansion is going on constantly during the last years. The company exist out of 2 facilities which are been separated half a km.

Meadow Mushrooms Ltd

Formed in 1970 by Philip Burdon and Roger Giles as a private company,
Meadow Mushrooms Ltd is today the largest producer of mushrooms in NZ
and one of the top two in Australasia.

Marina Ltd

Marina Ltd. expended their compost production with 5 extra Phase 2/3 tunnels and a completely new Phase 1 facility with the capacity of 800 tons weekly.

Leo & Son LLC

Leo & Son is one of the shareholders in the compost production company Laurel Valley. The farm consists of 20 growing rooms, each measuring 8100 square feet.

Laurel Valley Farms Inc.

In early 2007, the Board of Directors of Laurel Valley took the decision to construct a tunnel complex to produce phase 2 compost.


Mr. Dejan Krizanic runs a mushroom farm near Nova Gradiska in Croatia.
In April 2007 the new farm was put in production. The farm consists out of 6 growing rooms of each 265m2 of shelf surface and a working corridor.

Karol Kania i Synowie So. z.o.o.

In 2008 construction started of a new compost facility in the east of Poland. As the project was entirely new, the project could be built fully according to the customer ’s specifications.

Azienda Agricola Il Castello

Il Castello mushroom farm is an renovation project on a existing mushroom farm which was built in the sixties, with a total growing surface of 6444 m2 .

Highveld mushrooms

Highveld mushrooms is located at Bryanston – South Africa. This company has it’s own phase 1 facility, has also a phase 2 and phase 3 compost facility and they have their growing rooms at the same location.

G.F. di Grespan Giorgio Societa semplice agricola

The advantages of the new growing unit are extremely high production yields of premium quality mushrooms according to Giorgio Grespan. Another benefit was the cook-out process that destroys all unwanted diseases.

Germinados de Compost s.l.

In view of the higher demand for phase 3 compost, Germinados has decided to expand its compost plant. Initially nine tunnels and three bunkers were built.

Fungis Spolka

In September 2005 Fungis started with this project.They built 9 tunnels (size 4m by 35m) for Phase 2 and 3 in a building time of 7 months. The first tunnels were filled in March 2006.

Funghi di Treviso

Funghi di Treviso is a co-operative formed by a group of mushroom growers in the Treviso region (close to Venice) with the aim of creating a joint marketing strategy for their mushrooms.

Forest Fresh Mushrooms

After a building time of 6 months Forest Fresh Mushrooms started the new compost facility in June 2005.At the moment they are producing 25 tons of Phase 2 per week and they have the possibility to increase the production to 50 tons.


Eurokompost is the most modern compost production facility in Balkan Peninsula, located in Serbia close to the capital city Belgrade. Eurokompost provides quality compost to mushroom producers in the whole area.

Central Composting Ltd.

When we met representatives of Central Composting they were being
pressured by the local authorities due to environmental pollution caused by odour emission. At that time they were producing their Phase 1 compost conventionally.

Elf Farm Supplies

In 1993, Rob Tolson of Elf Farm Supplies developed the first aerated floor using the spigot system. 2 tunnels were built, each of 300 tons, to house the compost for the last few days of the composting process. The current installation has a capacity of 600 tons of fresh compost weekly.


Edeleweiss is the mushroom growing branch of the Oriks group of companies owned by Andrey Zimnukhov and is located in Samara, Russia.

Dohme Pilzzucht GmbH

The company Dohme Pilzzucht GmbH is located in Tietzow – Germany,
nearby Berlin and is a part of Havelland-Champignon. Dohme already made his own phase 2/3 compost in the past and was buying phase 1 compost somewhere else.

Dohme Haveland Champignons

Construction of 9 phase 2 / 3 tunnels of 200 ton each
and 10 phase 4, or pinned trays, rooms. Planned start
of production: September 2003.


Mushroom growers Dofe have been cultivating mushrooms for the fresh market for some time. As the existing buildings no longer met today’s standards, construction of new premises started in the spring of 2006 at a new location.The first growing room was filled in September 2006.


In early 2004 we started building the growing facility run by Marco
Deckers. This company is planned next to the current group of buildings owned by his father Hans Deckers.

Creekside Mushroom

In 2000 Roger Claypol and Bill Swanek decided to invest in an aerated
Phase 1 system. For them the optimal choice was aerated windrows,
which could be loaded by a mobile blender.

Champignonkwekerij Cox

Champignonkwekerij Cox has been growing mushrooms for the canning
industry for several years. The farm already had 2 mushroom farms before they decided to expand with an extra farm. The decision to build 8 growing rooms of 1382 m2 each was taken in November 2006. Each room has 2 rows of shelves, 8 levels high.

Country Mushrooms

Country Mushrooms is situated in Gauteng, ±40km from Johannesburg’s OR
Tambo International Airport. The company was started by three brothers and their partner in 1986 and is now currently owned by 3 shareholders.


CNC has been a familiar name within the Dutch mushroom industry for a number of decades. Many new developments in the sector can be traced back to CNC.

Il Castello

Il Castello mushroom farm is an renovation project on a existing mushroom farm which was build in the sixties, with a total growing surface of 6444 m2.

Champs mushrooms

Champs mushrooms keeps expanding. After getting the order for the
Trademark mushroom farm we received an order for expansion of Mycelco. In 2011 Champs purchased the farm and composting yard of
Mountain View mushrooms in Abbottsford, Canada.


Champra is a cooperative compost producer in Pradejon, la Rioja who produces phase 2 compost in blocks, mainly for it’s own members. The Phase 1 compost yard consists out of 21 aerated indoor tunnels of each 150 Tons.


In 1977, the Cooperative Society CHAMPINTER was set up to spread the word about the excellent reputation of the Manchuela mushroom, considered by gourmets to be the “white gold” of their kitchen.

Champignonkwekerij Jacobs

In June 2004 John Jacobs finished the expansion of his mushroom farm.
The expansion consist out of expanding the growing surface of the rooms from 770m2 to 1.075m2.The bed width changed from 1,34mtr to 1,60mtr and he went from 6 beds high to 7 beds high.


The Champag mushroom farm is a renovation project on an existing
mushroom farm. The only thing maintained was the original building. The Christiaens Group designed and delivered a complete range of new air handling systems.

CCC Donkers

Within a time frame of 6 months, a complete new farm, including a spacious sorting hall, was constructed to replace the old farm. The farm now comprises 8 units, each of which measures 1613 m2.


Boglarchamp is established in 2002 and is the biggest grower in the north-west part of Romania. In the beginning Boglarchamp produced mushrooms in bags and on trays.


Bio-Fungi is one of the leading companies in the south east of Europe. Bio-Fungi has a mushroom farm and a commercial composting yard

Bio-Fungi KFT

Bio-Fungi was producing Phase II compost in bags out of 3 tunnels of
each 180 tons of Phase I compost, together with 3 small open air
bunkers and an aerated floor.

Biga LLC

We recently completed a mushroom farm in Armenia. To lower the
investment costs an approach was taken whereby the ceiling of the growing room is also the roof of the building.


Belfungo is one of the partners in Consorzio Funghi de Treviso and is owned by the brothers Mauro, Poalo and Walter Ceron.

Baltic Champignons

From the end of 2004 until autumn 2005, Baltic has built 10 tunnels with a total output capacity of 300 tons Phase 3 per week.


Adelaide Mushrooms is South Australia’s largest mushroom grower with its
original farm at Woodcroft and building an new farm at Monarto. The company
is owned by the Schirripa family.


All Seasons

In 2010 Christiaens received the order for a new Phase 2/3 facility for All Seasons Mushrooms in Canada. This expansion is build near one of the coldest locations in the world (-50 C).


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