Mushroom growers Dofe have been cultivating mushrooms for the fresh market
for some time. As the existing buildings no longer met today’s standards,
construction of new premises started in the spring of 2006 at a new location.
The first growing room was filled in September 2006. Christiaens organised
construction as a turn-key project. The farm was constructed by local builders,
assisted by a number of supervisors from Christiaens.
The farm has 6 growing rooms, each with a growing surface area of 518m2.
Phase 3 compost is filled, and a 6-week growing schedule used. Each week
around 15 tons of mushrooms are harvested. The farm was designed to
accommodate a packing facility on site. Transport to the customers takes place
directly from the farm.
Building a new farm was necessary to comply with the efficiency and quality
standards currently expected. The Christiaens group was awarded the order
as they offered a turn-key solution, combined with the advantage of using
cheaper, local labour. The main advantage of the turn-key approach is found in
the integration of the various disciplines, which considerably shortens the construction
time and reduces the risk of misunderstanding.
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