Marina Ltd

Marina Ltd. expended their compost production with 5 extra Phase 2/3 tunnels
and a completely new Phase 1 facility with the capacity of 800 tons weekly.
For the Phase 2/3 tunnels Christiaens supplied the technical installation, grid
floors, tunnel nets, engineering and consultancy. It took 6 months to complete this
The new Phase 2/3 tunnels are in production since April 2006. The expansion
enables the company to supply new mushroom farms with Phase 3 substrate.
To make sufficient amount of Phase 1 compost for their own Phase 2/3 facility
Marina Ltd. decided to build a Phase 1 indoor system with overhead filler,
3 bunkers and 2 bio filters as well.
This project started in October 2005 and will be in production approximately in
july/august 2006. For the Phase 1 facility the Christiaens Group delivered the technical
installation, machinery and the doors.
The system is especially designed and constructed to meets the requirements of
the environmental authorities.
Tommy Gruenwald of Marina Ltd.:“after long negotiations with several companies,
we were convinced that the Christiaens Group could provide us with the most
professional and efficient project!”
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