In the East of Ukraine the company Miko-Food is established near by the city
Donetsk. Miko-Food is growing very rapidly and expansion is going on constantly
during the last years. The company exist out of 2 facilities which are been
separated half a kilometre. One of them is the mushroom farm with 2 blocks of
20 and 22 rooms of 723,6 m2 each room (22,5 x 1.34 x 4 x 6 meter). The other
facility is the compost yard.
In the beginning the compost was been bought externally but the management
decided to start producing their own compost. The first step was making their
own phase 1 and phase 2 compost. The Christiaens Group made the layout-design
of the compost plant. The idea was to make a compact set-up because everything
has to be inside a building due to the extreme winter conditions. Another reason
was to have the logistics as efficient and logic as possible. The first stage of this
project was building 6 bunkers and 4 tunnels with on 1 side of the tunnels a
combined filling and emptying hall. The production with this set-up is about 500
Tons of phase 2 per week.
After starting up this facility the decision was quickly made to expand the
compost facility to be able to make phase 3 compost as well. After the expansion
there will be in total 8 bunkers and 13 tunnels. The production will be around 500
Tons phase 3 per week. This means that the amount of delivered compost is more
or less the same after switching from phase 2 to phase 3. The growing cycle will
be shorter and the production of mushrooms will therefore be increased.
For the machinery Miko-Food made the decision to have the most modern
equipment. To give some examples: a ChristyFloor container model hopper,
the new big mixing drum, the cascade conveyor system and new design high/
low-filling-cassette were in the scope of delivery. The expansion contains an extra
emptying hall at the back side of the tunnels with the needed machineries like a
second pulling winch and conveyors.
For the growing rooms Christiaens was also responsible for the delivery for the
new head-end filling machine. This filling machine is been built in such a way
that it is possible to fill phase 2 compost or casing soil separately, or to fill compost
and casing soil simultaneously.
All the equipment was been transported to the Ukraine by the Christiaens Group,
and was been assembled locally by Miko-Food.
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