Parwan mushrooms

In April 2012 we started up a new mushroom facility for Parwan mushrooms.
The investors came originally not out of the mushroom industry and explored
the potential supplier who could be their best partner for building this project.
After several discussions and comparison with other suppliers Christiaens Group
received the order to build this farm. The decision for Christiaens Group was
mainly because of the comprehensive proposal and the huge experience all over
the world and especially in Australia which gave them a comfortable feeling.
The farm consists of 12 growing rooms of 820m2 each. The rooms are having 4
rows of shelves each of 6 levels high. The farm is equipped with modern technics
and machineries. By example a static automatic watering system integrated in
the shelving, efficient high ambient cooling machines, energy efficient process
control and everything designed for a future expansion.
At the moment Parwan Mushrooms has ordered hydraulic picking lorries to
improve their harvesting efficiency.
Some words of the farm manager:
‘In just nine months, we’ve transformed a greenfield site in regional Victoria
into a 17-hectare fully operational mushroom farm producing some 50 tonnes of
mushrooms a week. This project is today a significant horticultural addition to
this state’s economy.
We’re especially proud that throughout every stage of its construction, the project
remained on target and on budget – a remarkable achievement and testament to
all those involved.
From its planning to design, construction and fit-out, we’ve delivered a world
class facility with the very latest in mushroom production technology and
techniques available anywhere in the world.
Please allow me to thank the mushroom facility’s designers and builders,
Christiaens Group from Holland and all their subcontractors.’
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