27 February 2019

Increase substantial harvesting efficiencies Good ergonomics Extendable with (semi) automatization Suitable in existing facilities Suitable in new projects

Phase 1 factory of CNC

20 April 2018

Recently the new Phase 1 factory of CNC in The Netherlands is official opened by the Dutch King. Christiaens is proud partner in the supply of the receiving, mixing and internal transport systems. The machines are designed to make maintenance easy and to capture the process air for better working conditions. The pictures give a...

State-of-the art mushroom growing and packing facility East Yorkshire

24 August 2017

The new state of the Art Mushroom growing and packing facility in East Yorkshire is in progress. We are looking forward to the end result of this great project. Hereby an article written by Minster FM news about this great project!

Germinados Spain

02 November 2016

We just finished an expansion of the phase 1 and 2/3 yard including a new strawline.

Expansion Christiaens Group

31 August 2016

Because of the continued growth of the Christiaens Group we needed to expand our office space.

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