3 complete Stainless Steel Overhead filling units for Hooymans

23 October 2015

We recently received the order to make 3 complete new overhead filling units for their Phase 1 indoor facility. To enlarge the life time of the Overhead filing units these will be made out of Stainless Steel. The control panels will be made in a way to protect them for the agressive environment.

New headfiller DPV

18 September 2015

Christiaens commissioned a new headfiller for DPV. DPV is a new founded contractor and bought one of the most sophisticated headfillers Christiaens made so far. This machine has a lot of features on it to make a perfect fill.

New facility Deckers

18 September 2015

The new facility of Deckers Mushrooms was officially openend last July. Christiaens built a total turnkey project in 2 stages. The first fill of stage 1 was done in November 2014. In May 2015 the second fase was taken in use. The total facility consists of 22 growing room of 820m2 each including packing and expedition area. ...

The expansion of a new facility for Highveld Mushrooms

11 September 2015

The expansion of a new facility for Highveld Mushrooms in South Africa is almost ready. This farm exists out 18 growing rooms of 506m2 each. Due to the hot and dry climate near Cape town the rooms uses pre-conditioned air to make growing much easier.

Expansion Boglarchamp

17 July 2015

Boglarchamp is market leader in Romania. In 2010 Boglar started to build a new Dutch style mushroom farm consisting of 9 growing rooms of 820m2 each room. In 2012 this farm is expanded with another 9 rooms. In 2015 we finished an additional 8 growing rooms and we received recently the order to complete another 4 growing rooms by the end of...

Workshop / Training

11 June 2015

On 10th and 11th of June Biofungi organised together with Christiaens a workshop/training for the Fancom controllers. The workshop was organised for our combined customers in central east Europe. Two speakers from Fancom and Sylvan gave presentations and explanations how the controllers have to be used in combination with the growth. During 2...

Expansion Laurel Valley facility in Avondale, USA

05 June 2015

Recently we started up the new expansion of the Laurel Valley facility in Avondale, USA. Phase 1: We expanded the phase 1 facility with a new row of 5 bunkers. This set-up is unit in the world. The row with new bunkers runs parallel with the existing row of bunkers. We developed a new overhead filler which runs in between the 2 rows and...

New production halls at the Christiaens Group

04 May 2015

Because of the continues growth of the Christiaens Group we needed to build 2 extra halls at Christiaens Construction and Christiaens Machines. The halls provide extra space of 60 meters over the length of both buildings.

Grand opening Walkro Belgium

26 March 2015

A few weeks ago Walkro Belgium organised a grand opening for the new Phase 1 facility. Christiaens got the order for supplying the machineries for this facility. The project contains 9 bunkers of 9x55 meter each. Each bunker holds approximately 1100 tons of Phase 1. The new building is connected with a long conveyor to the old Phase 1...

Completion Turnkey project Eurochamp Hungary

01 August 2014

Eurochamp is a company of the Biofungi Group. The farm consists of 6 growing rooms of 562m2 growing area. The focus on this project was to design a farm with good harvesting efficiencies , best air quality and distribution possible and energy savings. All in close cooperation with Biofungi/Eurochamp. The results are there. Besides the...

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