Expansion Laurel Valley facility in Avondale, USA

05 June 2015

Recently we started up the new expansion of the Laurel Valley facility in Avondale, USA. Phase 1: We expanded the phase 1 facility with a new row of 5 bunkers. This set-up is unit in the world. The row with new bunkers runs parallel with the existing row of bunkers. We developed a new overhead filler which runs in between the 2 rows and...

New production halls at the Christiaens Group

04 May 2015

Because of the continues growth of the Christiaens Group we needed to build 2 extra halls at Christiaens Construction and Christiaens Machines. The halls provide extra space of 60 meters over the length of both buildings.

Grand opening Walkro Belgium

26 March 2015

A few weeks ago Walkro Belgium organised a grand opening for the new Phase 1 facility. Christiaens got the order for supplying the machineries for this facility. The project contains 9 bunkers of 9x55 meter each. Each bunker holds approximately 1100 tons of Phase 1. The new building is connected with a long conveyor to the old Phase 1...

Completion Turnkey project Eurochamp Hungary

01 August 2014

Eurochamp is a company of the Biofungi Group. The farm consists of 6 growing rooms of 562m2 growing area. The focus on this project was to design a farm with good harvesting efficiencies , best air quality and distribution possible and energy savings. All in close cooperation with Biofungi/Eurochamp. The results are there. Besides the...

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