AgroGrib LLC is a young company that in its short presence on the market for fresh mushrooms already claimed a big role. After a project lead time of just over 2 years a complete facility for the production of phase 3 compost and white button mushrooms for the fresh market was realized. The produced mushrooms are sold at the local Russian market.

The facility is based in Tula region, approx. 200 km from Moscow and situated very strategic just near the main auto route M4 that leads all the way from Moscow to Krasnodar.

At this moment AgroGrib LLC produces approx. 10.000 ton of mushrooms per year. This requires also a production of phase 3 compost and the current production is 36.000 ton per year.

The goal of AgroGrib LLC is to become the number 1 player in the mushroom industry in Russia.

At this moment the facility consist of 8 bunkers for the production of phase 1 compost, 17 tunnels for the production of phase 2/3 compost, 40 growing rooms with a total growing surface of 38.600 m2, a complete facility for the production of the necessary casing soil and a hyper modern packing department.

The total engineering was carried out by Christiaens Group and the plant is designed based on the use of all the latest technologies. This means that for the phase 1 production a complete overhead filling system of the last generation is installed along with a mixed-air system for the air treatment in the bunkers. Also an automatic, hydraulic operated bale-dunking system was installed. The phase 2/3 tunnels are operated completely automatic and the buildings for the growing rooms are executed with closed halls at the filling side of the rooms. Reason for this is the very cold climate during the (long) winter period and the hot temperatures in the summertime.

AgroGrib LLC has chosen Christiaens Group as their strategic partner. All the specialized equipment needed for the mushroom production is delivered by Christiaens Group. The total facility is designed ready for expansion and this will take place already in 2019. In total an extra 11 bunkers, 25 tunnels and 60 growing rooms will be realized. Total production will become up to an amazing 25.000 ton of fresh mushrooms per year.

According to AgroGrib LLC the investment in such a facility can only be made if the best available technologies are used and if the most experienced parties are involved. Christiaens Group matched up with these demands and the first part of this project started up successfully mid 2018.

The realisation of this project was executed in close cooperation with our dealer for the Russian market Interagro LLC.

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