All Seasons


Bulletin 11

In 2010 Christiaens received the order for a new Phase 2/3 facility for All Seasons Mushrooms in Canada. This expansion is build near one of the coldest locations in the world (-50 C). The mushroom farm already had Phase 2/3 tunnels which had to be updated. The old tunnels were build in the same building as the growing rooms. To improve the system and to gain more space in the existing building All Seasons decided to make a new building for doing the Phase 2/3.

In the building are several features for better hygiene and higher energy efficiency. We would like to explain more about these new developments. For more information about All Seasons Mushrooms you can go to their website:


All Seasons is a major producer of mushrooms in the west of Canada. They originally started in Langley near Vancouver with 5 tunnels and 18 growing rooms. Several years ago All Seasons took over an existing facility in Crossfield near Calgary. At this location Christiaens build in 2011 7 Phase 2/3 tunnels. In 2014 the project of expanding the facility in Langley started. We supplied several materials for the expansion with 12 growing rooms. Like air handling systems, automated spraying system and doors. After finishing the growing rooms the construction of the extra tunnels started, Currently are 8 Phase 2/3 tunnels under construction which will start up in spring 2015.

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