Baltic Champignons

From the end of 2004 until autumn 2005, Baltic has built 10 tunnels with a total
output capacity of 300 tons Phase 3 per week.
New plans for an expansion of another 14 tunnels to a total of 24 tunnels with a
total capacity of 900 tons Phase 3 per week are already in progress. In this stage
Baltic will add a winch on the emptying side with a central conveyor and truck
loading system.
The Christiaens Group supplied the filling spawning and emptying equipment for
the 9 tunnels. "The next time we’ll choose definitely machines from Christiaens
because they supply good machines. We chose for quality and price.
The Christiaens Group is also known as a good and stable organisation with a lot
of knowledge." Says Kestutis Juscius, owner of the company.
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