Belfungo is one of the partners in Consorzio Funghi de Treviso and is owned
by the brothers Mauro, Poalo and Walter Ceron.
The mushrooms from Consorzio Funghi de Treviso outshine in excellent quality
and shelf life.
In 2006 Christiaens built a turnkey farm of 12 rooms of each 324 M2 growing
surface. The characteristic of this farm was its high efficiency and high production
of excellent mushrooms. It was no wonder that they soon knocked on
our door for an expansion of the farm.
In 2007 the order was given to Christiaens to double the farm with another
12 rooms.
“In order to guarantee and maintain a high quality we need to use the best
techniques available. That is the reason we built with Christiaens in 2006 and
we did so again with this new expansion”.
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