Boglarchamp is established in 2002 and is the biggest grower in the north-west
part of Romania. In the beginning Boglarchamp produced mushrooms in bags
and on trays.
Boglarchamp is continuously expanding in production capacities and improvement
of technologies. The production is done on two different locations. Their last
expansion is done in 2011. The Christiaens Group build 9 growing rooms of 820m2
each. The farm was build completely turn-key. This means that even the steel
construction, sandwich panels and roofing were delivered from The Netherlands.
Due to our decades of experience and improving the steel construction in
with using sandwich panels, the multi-functionality makes it possible
to build in a competitive way. Furthermore our proven technology will eliminate
risks. This guarantees the highest standard in building mushroom farms.
Boglarchamp is the first mushroom farm in Romania which uses all facettes of a
Christiaens turn-key project such as: engineering, the complete building, shelving,
climatisation and machineries. Even the installation and start-up assistance are
done by the Christiaens Group. Pre-designing the logistic lay-out of this farm from
scratch results in the most efficient and practical working area. Last but not least,
the complete farm has been designed to handle Phase 3 compost in bulk. This
makes it possible to fill and empty the growing rooms automatically.
On the website you can find additional information.
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