Edelweiss is the mushroom growing branch of the Oriks group of companies
owned by Andrey Zimnukhov and is located in Samara, Russia.
The shortage of mushrooms on the market prompted plans in 2004 to build
a mushroom farm. After various meetings between the customer and
Christiaens, the decision was made to construct 12 growing rooms, each with
a growing surface area of 882m2.
The compost is supplied by a composting company in the Moscow region and
is transported to the farm (a distance of about 1000 km). In the first instance,
Phase 2 compost is being filled, but the growers intend to switch to filling
Phase 3 compost in the future. The projected production capacity of the farm
will be approximately 45 to 50 tons of mushrooms per week.
The owners were responsible for actually building the farm, with the help of
specific know-how from Christiaens. In consultation with Christiaens the plant
was equipped with a central air treatment unit which eliminates the influences
of the extreme climate in the summer and winter before air is sent to the individual
units for the growing rooms. All the instructions required to regulate
and manage the growing rooms are in Russian, which makes it easier for the
users. A project has been set up to make their own compost so the company
is guaranteed a supply of Phase 3 compost and at the same time can drastically
reduce the transport time, which will have a positive effect on the compost
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