Eurochamp, Hungary

Eurochamp is a company of the Biofungi Group. The farm consists of 6 growing rooms of 562m2 growing area. The focus on this project was to design a farm with good harvesting efficiencies , best air quality and distribution possible and energy savings. All in close cooperation with Biofungi/Eurochamp. The results are there.

Besides the narrow shelve width of 1,2 meter the layout of the rooms is set-up that there is more space for the harvesters. At this stage manual lorries are implemented. When eventually hydraulic lorries will be used the shelving can be raised to get the best efficiencies out of these lorries. The space is in the room to do so. With regards to the future the working corridor is set-up in a way that a pull through system can be implemented to split the farm in a dedicated pinning section and harvesting section.

To commodate the required growing area the shelving became 39 meters long. To assure a good air distribution the air handling systems are placed in the middle on top of the rooms. The air handlers takes directly fresh air from the attic. A central make-up unit is preconditioning and pushing air under an overpressure on the attic. Preconditioning of this air is partly done by energy recovered from the overpressure air. The recovery takes place by a central exhaust which is connected to each room. The outgoing air in the room is pressure controlled. To assure a good air distribution over the length of the room there is a central overpressure duct installed which is adjustable.   

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