Forest Fresh Mushrooms

After a building time of 6 months Forest Fresh Mushrooms started the new compost facility in June 2005.At the moment they are producing 25 tons of Phase 2 per week and they have the possibility to increase the production to 50 tons. For 3 years compost was supplied by others before Forest Fresh Mushrooms decided to build their new compost yard. The old compost facility of Forest Fresh  Mushrooms was outdated and too small for their growing requirements. They chose to build a compost facility with double capacity to accommodate any future expansion. Because of the limited size of the project, the choice for a spigot floor system for Phase 1 and Phase 2 was the most cost effective.

Mike Wishart from Forest Fresh Mushrooms: “The biggest advantage of the new facility is that it allows for a reasonably large margin of error for the variables in Phase 1. In other words, if the water is not right or the recipe is incorrect, the composting process can still proceed and the errors can be ironed out to a certain extent with the moderation of air and oxygen being blown through the compost. Additionally the system produces consistent compost.” “The reason for choosing the Christiaens Group on this project was that the Christiaens Group has the most experience with conditions in South Africa. We also had been exposed to the workmanship and professional approach Christiaens has applied to other projects in South Africa. Christiaens also provides back-up advice and has been supportive during our production of compost.”

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