Fungis Spolka

In September 2005 Fungis started with this project.They built 9 tunnels (size 4m
by 35m) for Phase 2 and 3 in a building time of 7 months. The first tunnels were
filled in March 2006.
The Christiaens Group supplied the filling spawning and emptying
equipment for the 9 tunnels.
Fungis sells compost in bulk and in blocks.The company Fungis is 15 years old, the
existing facility has a production capacity of 900 tons Phase 2 per week.The new
facility adds another 300 tons of Phase 3 weekly.
“The advantage of the new facility is new technology, ability to keep high hygiene
and better control over compost, new equipment and no malfunctions.That is the
reason we chose for the Christiaens Group” Paulina Wyszkowska tells us.
“Christiaens is also the leading producer in machines for compost known for good
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