Highveld mushrooms

Highveld mushrooms is located at Bryanston – South Africa. This company has it’s
own phase 1 facility, has also a phase 2 and phase 3 compost facility and they have
their growing rooms at the same location.
On another location they have also the farm called Meadow. To be able to make
enough compost for all the farms, the need for phase 3 compost was increased
during time. Highveld already build with the Christiaens Group in the past.
Highveld is the company with the most modern compost facility in South Africa.
The previous compost project included 6 tunnels. (see bulletin nr. 1) For this latest
project the tunnel facility was expand with another 3 tunnels and a composttruck-
filling-station with working hall. The tunnels have on both sides a separate
working hall. Each tunnel can hold approximately a input of 200 Tons of phase 1
For more information please visit: www.highveldmushrooms.co.za
Highveld Mushrooms have recently bought a controlling share in Medallion
Mushrooms Western Cape Stellenbosch. Medallion Mushrooms is a company
who is producing the compost on one side of their property, in the middle
they have a wooden-tray-line, and on the other side they have the growing
farm and packing area. The layout of everything is very compact, and there
are not much possibilities for future expansions.
The facility is current 32year old and not of the latest standards.
There was a big need of improvement in compost quality, logistic, equal
mixing of the recipe, less maintenance, less labour costs, and many other
points which were very hard to realize on this current location.
This made the company decided to build a completely new compost yard on
an complete other location with a lot of space and start from scratch
Another benefit to start on another new location was that during building
time the production of compost at the old compost yard could still be
guaranteed. This new premises is also much further separated from
civilisation and expansion possibilities for the future are here available.
Recently the new compost yard was completed with 3x Phase1 bunkers which
are each 6x30x5 meter (WxLxH) and 1x Phase2 spigot floor tunnel which is
6x20x5 meter (WxLxH), all build with Christiaens machinery.
The scope of delivery was consisting out of a dosing hopper, chicken manure
hopper, belts, compost mixer, tunnel-filling-cassette and central electrical
control box. Everything was delivered in such a way, that all the machines
could be build up very easy with local people to save costs.
The client is very satisfied with the Christiaens Group with the way of
delivering nicely on time, the quality of the machines, the clear drawings for
local use, building instructions, back up assistance, but mostly the end result
of the huge improved quality of the new compost which is been made at this
new facility.
The new facility has been constructed to facilitate a doubling of compost
volumes in the near future. The old compost facility at the original location
is now redundant and the old compost yard can now be closed down.
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