Mr. Dejan Krizanic runs a mushroom farm near Nova Gradiska in Croatia.
In April 2007 the new farm was put in production. The farm consists out of 6
growing rooms of each 265m2 of shelf surface and a working corridor. The old
farm, which used to be a bag farm, was converted into packing hall, cold store,
office and social rooms.
The new farm runs on phase 3 compost and produces about 8 Tons of fresh market mushrooms a week. It was built by Christiaens
as a turnkey operation and was realised in 5 months time. The choice for
Christiaens as supplier was on recommendation of their compost supplier Bio
Fungi. It turned out to be the right choice. “I’m very pleased with the organisation,
the engineering and controls “says Mr. Krizanic
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