Limgroup BV

Limgroup BV is a consortium of agricultural research companies which is
specialised in the breeding of new plant and mushroom varieties. It’s daughter
company Mycolim, established in 2009, focusses on the improvement of
the commercial growth of mushrooms and the development of new button
mushroom varieties. For these purposes a research farm with a series of
specialised, small-scaled growing rooms was planned, of which some have
even less than 20 m3 growing surface.
Mycolim: We were convinced to grant the construction of this farm as a
turn-key project to Christiaens because of their high level of expertise and
pragmatic approach in translating their knowledge of large-scaled mushroom
farms into such a specialised farm. Off course, the fact that the headquarters
of both companies are located just a few kilometers apart aided the short
communication lines.
The main challenge was to have the growing rooms to operate in a similar
way as in a commercial mushroom farm. The crux was to downscale standard
growing rooms whilst maintaining the climate conditions constant and
homogenous. A further challenge was that many different mushroom strains
could be grown within the same room, without cross contamination. Only six
months after the first building activities commenced, the experiments started
at this modern research farm.
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