Moni Champignon Kwekerij BVBA

Moni is part of Elesco. Elesco is a processing company for fresh sliced products
like lettuce and mushrooms. For this company they produce partly their own
mushrooms in the farm named Moni. The mushroom farm used to be an old farm
with plastic sheds. Due to unefficient work and high energy costs Elesco decided
to renovate the mushroom farm. The sheds were demolished and replaced by a
new panel mushroom farm build against the existing working corridor which was
completely build by the Christiaens Group.
The farm now consists out of 5 growing rooms of 820m2 each for growing white
mushrooms and 2 growing rooms of 410m2 each for growing pleurotus. The farm
works with semi hydraulic lorries to increase there harvesting efficiency.
The technical installation is equipped with a heating pump to be able to keep the
energy costs low.
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