Snow Cap Mushrooms

Snow Cap Mushrooms is situated about 40 Km west of Durban, South Africa.
Christiaens designed a tailored compost yard and pasteurisation tunnel and after a
total building time of just 7 months the facility was put in production in February
2007. The compost yard consists out of an aerated pre-wet slab, a phase 1 bunker
and a phase 2 tunnel. All 3 operations run with a spigot floor system. The design
capacity for the whole facility is 80Tons of phase 2 compost per week. According to
Rob Stuart his findings the advantages of the new facility are numerous:
• Complete control of the composting process
• Reduced smell due to aerated floors
• The yard size is reduced as the compost is placed on a pre-wet floor.
• The panel tunnel is a complete unit which helps in construction and the
tunnel is very airtight
• The yard can be controlled from the office which is 20 km away.
• A 30% increase in mushroom yield
“I am very happy with the presales advice regarding the project. The supply of all
the equipment was outstanding - all boxes marked - all items received in good condition
with nothing short supplied. The construction advice was good. We constructed
the entire project ourselves without the help of a technician- using plans
supplied and telephonic advice. After 6 months of producing compost I am very
happy with the quality of compost and I only wish I had used the Christiaens design
10 years ago! “
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