Ukrchampignon is a subdivision of the Veres Group of companies and are located
in the Kanev, Cherkassy Area, in the heart of the Ukraïne.The company produces
1000 Tonnes of phase 2 compost, 250 tonnes of casing soil mix and 300 tonnes of
fresh mushrooms per week.
In 2006 the company decided to replace the existing bunker and tunnel filling
machines and did inquiries at several machine manufacturers.The choice finally was
made for Christiaens machines, based on the trust they had in the well known
brand. Also the experience they had with the existing Christiaens bunker filler, it’s
power, capacity and reliability made the choice obvious.
The order was placed for three new bunker / tunnel filling hoppers and in
November 2006 the three machines were put in operation.
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