Walkro Blitterswijck B.V.

At the end of 2012 Walkro decided to upgrade the machines at their 2
compost facilities in the Netherlands. Because Walkro is one of the biggest
compost producers in the world and therefore they use the machines a lot
of hours per week. Walkro has some special additional requirement to make
working with the machines even easier. As preferred supplier the Christiaens
Group was selected to build those high sophisticated machines.
Walkro has at their facility in Blitterswijck phase 1 tunnels with a Christy Floor
system. This means that the tunnels are equipped with a row of plates lying
on the floor of the tunnels. This is a unique system for this purpose. These
Christy Floor tunnels are been used after the mixing stage of the conventional
phase 1 spigot floor bunkers and are used before the compost is been filled in
the phase 2/3 tunnels. To fill these Christy Floor tunnels 2 separate overhead
filling systems are used. For emptying these Christy Floor tunnels 2 separate
tunnel-emptying-machines are used.
The old emptying machines were about 8 years old and because of the
amount of compost which runs through these tunnels and because of the
compost plant can’t lose any production days a major refurbish operation
was established to be able to empty even faster and make more use of these
tunnels after modernizing these 2 machines.
Also for the phase 2/3 tunnel facility at Blitterswijck a new Tunnel-filling cassette
is delivered. This machine has also some extra adjustments which
makes the machine much more luxurious. Some examples are, operators
cabin which can be completely cleaned inside with water an air-conditioning
and air cleaning carbon filter unit on top of this cabin are installed. Also
an electrical joysticks for operating the swivel conveyor a weighing device
integrated in the top belt and are placed on the machine. Several adjustments
in making the steel structure stronger but also more open steel construction
for easy cleaning access a special tip-up platform, etc. etc  are part of this
A new tunnel-emptying-winch at the Horst facility is built for their existing
phase2/3 tunnels. Some adjustments which are been included extra in this
machine are, hydraulic motor for the pulling shaft is made extra compact to
be able to park the tunnel-filling-cassette beside it, extra un-wind-winch
mechanism for the tunnel net, speed control on the pulling shaft, water
system, hydraulic tension system on incline belt, wireless remote control, etc. etc.
Customers like Walkro (who have a lot of practical experience) who raises
every time the bar a little bit more and with the knowledge we have as
Christiaens have everyone benefits from these developments which becomes
available on the market.
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