Christiaens Group takes over Hedonk activities

As of 1 May, Christiaens Group BV has acquired the majority of Hedonk's activities. Hedonk's sprinkler systems have been part of Christiaens Group's portfolio for the past few years. As of May 1, Christiaens Group will offer it under its own management.

"Decades ago, we were the first in the market to have the most important disciplines, such as: construction, technical installation and controls in-house. A position we have strengthened over the years. Hedonk's sprinkler systems are a nice addition to what we offer from our group," says Edwin van Rensch (Managing Director Christiaens Group). The right climate with the right watering and water distribution over the beds is essential for high-quality mushroom cultivation. The systems developed by Hedonk (formerly Dofra) for this purpose are based on more than 50 years of experience in mushroom cultivation.
"Because of the many years of collaboration with the Christiaens Group I am convinced that in them I have found a reliable party. This also benefits the continuity for the best watering systems," said Henk Douven (founder and owner Hedonk).

In the near future, Henk Douven will remain actively involved, in addition to his own activities, in an advisory role for sprinkler systems at Christiaens Group.

Thursday 05 May 2022

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