Strategic Partnership with Mycionics

Mycionics, a pioneering leader in robotic technology, and Christiaens Group, the largest supplier of farms and equipment to the global mushroom industry, are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to supply a cutting-edge robotic mushroom harvesting solution for the Drawer System. 

The collaboration between Mycionics and Christiaens Group BV was prominently showcased at "Mushroom Days", the largest industry conference and trade show for the mushroom sector, held in the Netherlands during the spring of 2023. The demonstration of the Mycionics robotic harvester integrated onto the Christiaens harvesting platform of the Drawer System, garnered significant interest within the mushroom farming industry. 

Christiaens Group, known for its long term and visionary approach to mushroom farming, developed the Drawer System with the foresight of incorporating robotics. In response, Mycionics has designed a state-of-the-art robotic harvester equipped with a vision bar and dual gripper system, capable of harvesting between 45 fresh market-quality mushrooms per minute. 

As a testament to the viability and appeal of this collaboration, Mycionics has secured contracts with three prominent mushroom farms for the integration of this groundbreaking technology in 2024. With an impressive picking rate of 45 picks per minute and the ability to operate 24 hours daily, these robotics are poised to alleviate labor shortages, which have been a persistent challenge plaguing mushroom farms on a global scale. 

Michael Curry, CEO of Mycionics, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with Christiaens Group, stating, "Our partnership with Christiaens Group has evolved rapidly, aligning seamlessly with their forward-thinking Drawer System, which complements the technology stack that our team at Mycionics has been diligently developing over the past five years. We hold Christiaens Group in high regard as world leaders in the mushroom industry, and we firmly believe that the amalgamation of robotics with their highly efficient Drawer System will set the standard for the next generation of mushroom farms worldwide." 

The collaboration between Mycionics and Christiaens Group marks the advancement of automation in mushroom farming and underscores their shared commitment to driving innovation within the mushroom farming sector. This partnership is set to revolutionize the industry by increasing productivity, reducing labor dependency, and enhancing overall efficiency. 



Monday 02 October 2023

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