City of Guelph

Recently the re-construction of the Organic Waste Processing Facility for the Cith
of Guelph was started. Due to the experience and their combined CV in Canada,
Maple Reinders Group and Christiaens Group have been awarded the contract to
built this state-of-the-art OWPF. Operations will be done by Aim Environmental
and Van Kaathoven Group.
The facility will consist of 7 tunnels which will process about 36.000 tonne of SSO
per year. The Source Separated Organics are mixed with overflow and/or amendmend
before being placed into the tunnels by loaders. After 3 weeks of sanitizing
and composting in the tunnels, the compost is brought to the indoor maturation
to reach the high quality requirements for compost as set out in the Interim
Guidelines for the Production and Use of Aerobic Compost in Ontario (MOE, nov ‘04).
To ensure a proper working environment the facility is equipped with an energy
efficient building ventilation system. This system requires no additional heating
or cooling systems. By using the building’s ventilation air for the process as well,
the size (and energy use) of the air treatment is significantly reduced without
affecting the performance. Commisioning is planned for the second half of 2011.
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