Christiaens Group, in cooperation with construction company Vinci Environnement, delivered and installed equipment for the waste treatment facility for the city of Angers. Angers is a averaged sized city in the west of France, about 300 km south west from Paris. The municipality has decided to build a new waste treatment facility called Biopôle. This project consists of 7 tunnels with a capacity of approximately 200 tonne of mixed material for each tunnel. The tunnels will be filled with an overhead filling system and will be emptied by means of a front-end loader. The material to compost is a mixture of sorted domestic waste, amendments, pressed cake, sludges, effluents and spin-dried juices.

The system which Christiaens Group installed consists of a transverse crane, rails, overhead filling unit, conveyor system, lifting doors with door wagons and hatches.

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