Germinados Spain

02 November 2016

We just finished an expansion of the phase 1 and 2/3 yard including a new strawline.

Expansion Christiaens Group

31 August 2016

Because of the continued growth of the Christiaens Group we needed to expand our office space.

Casing Seperator (New Development)

12 January 2016

Christiaens recently developed and built a casing seperator for taking of the casing soil before dumping the spent compost. This one we build is a contractors version. Currently we are working on a more basic model which is not transportable between farms.

Warwick Expansion is moving along

12 January 2016

This picture shows the existing and new extension of Warick Mushrooms in the USA. This facility already had 2 buildings of each 24 growing rooms of 907m2. The new expansion containes 8 rooms of 907m2 and 16 rooms of 453m2. In spring 2016 the new expension will be ready.

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